Tips On How To Sell House Fast Columbus Ohio

Selling a House

With the number of active listings in the real estate market increasing dramatically by the day, anyone putting up a house for sale in Columbus Ohio needs to do more than just put up a ‘For Sale’ sign.

Unless you are patient enough, it would be advisable to plan for the sale well, as well as ensure the house is in its best condition. Staging your home right holds the key to finding a prospective buyer and even be able to sell the house fast enough.

Outlined below are a few tips, tricks ideas on how to sell house fast Columbus Ohio without spending too much.

1. Make It More Inviting

The house needs to have an inviting look and feel for any prospecting homeowner to show some interest. One of the best ways to do this is by de-personalizing the house, as well as de-cluttering everything.

Ensure all clothes, furniture, and even personal effects are tucked away in properly. If possible, consider renting new furnishings to give the house a face-lift hence more appealing.

Applying a fresh lick of paint to the house, organizing closets, and even tilling the vegetable garden at the back may be all you need to attract prospective buyers.

You’ll also need to ensure everything in the house, and especially plumbing, faucets, and electricals are in tip-top condition as well. You could also hire a professional home stager to help with the same.

2. Hire an Inspector

Have a certified inspector inspect the house before putting it up for sale. The inspector should be able to identify even the tiniest issues that could affect the house sale.

In addition to this, a good inspector can help you put a price tag on the house as well. Knowing the true value of your home is a crucial step that can help find the right buyers. You could also have a real estate agent help with the valuations and pricing as well.

Some of the benefits of hiring an inspector before putting the house for sale is that it helps you avoid last-minute and nasty surprises that could derail a deal. It is also cheaper and a faster way to identify any issues with the house.

3. Price The House Just Right

Pricing the house just right also hold the key to finding the right buyers. Overpricing or underpricing it will only attract the wrong people, meaning you won’t get an offer you can work on.

As mentioned earlier on, you need to price the house just right to attract customers looking for a home at that price range. Compare pricing on other similar houses within the neighborhood to get an idea of how much yours should be priced.

Be keen to consider other factors that would make your home more/less valuable than the ones already on the market.

House Selling

4. Get A Good Real Estate Agent

Look for an experienced realtor with a proven track record of selling homes in Columbus to help you sell the house. For a small fee, the realtor will allow you to list your house on their company website as well.

Be sure to check customer reviews and testimonials before identifying a real estate agent you can work with. Be sure to have plenty of pictures of the house, as well as a walk-around video showing every detail of the house to upload together with the listing.

This gives potential buyers an idea of what to expect, and how much to offer for the same.

5. Promote the Listing on Social Media


The social media is one of the best places you can promote your listings on. Be sure to include a link to the realtor’s website, as well as include pictures and the video of the house in all the social media posts.

It would also be advisable to allow friends and their friends to share the post widely on these platforms to increase exposure online and sell house fast Columbus Ohio. Ask your family and friends to help promote the listing on their timelines and social pages as well.

6. Consider Selling To A Realtor

Although it may seem far-fetched, approaching a real estate company to buy the house can help you make a sale faster than expected. Some of these companies are actively looking for homeowners looking to sell their homes, whereby they buy the house at a reasonable price, renovate it, and then sell it at a higher price.

This is one of the best ways to sell house fast Columbus Ohio. You only need to reach an agreement and ensure everything is in writing to make the sale and transfer.

As mentioned earlier, proper planning is needed when selling a home. Luckily though, staging and pricing the house just right can help you find a prospecting buyer fast.

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